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Offer high-end care to your skin

Modeling mosaic method: The exceptional (100 min.) or The essential (60 min.)

A fundamental value for the Maria Galland company is respect! This is what dictates the decisions of this company at all levels, as much in their relationships as in the formulation of products or in the care offered. Trust is also essential, as customers expect results tailored to their skin. Maria Galland was a daring woman, she implemented revolutionary care and this is still the vision of this company in 2024. Constantly improve, change, innovate to always offer the best in the short and long term. This company offers simple and personalized beauty routines that are certainly adapted to and respectful of the skin's needs.

Lift Expert treatment (60 min.)

This treatment immediately firms and defines the contours of the face. It fills and smoothes wrinkles while restoring the skin's energy. It gives the face a more lifted and sculpted appearance, revealing visibly younger skin.

Hydra-Global Treatment (75 min.)

This treatment stimulates hydration and instantly provides a boost of freshness and energy to the skin. An anti-aging hydration bath.

Light revelation treatment (75 min.)

This treatment instantly invigorates tired skin and gives it a fresh, youthful glow. The complexion becomes silky and uniform. A boost of freshness makes tired eyes shine and restores their radiance.

Detoxifying treatment (75 min.)

This treatment attacks impurities and enlarged pores in adult skin.

It removes impurities that clog pores, detoxifies the skin while calming redness and irritation. It provides water to the skin and controls excess sebum on the surface.

Purity adolescent treatment (18 years and under, 60 min.)

This gentle and purifying treatment deeply cleanses the skin, reduces sebum secretions and calms inflammation. The skin appears more balanced, signs of irritation and redness are reduced.

GLOW Peel (30 min.)

The Glow Peel is a “glow boost” treatment that promotes cell renewal through exfoliation on different layers of the skin. This micro-exfoliation softens the skin, evens and brightens the complexion.

This treatment is gentle, quick and effective. It can be done two days before a special event or it can also be done occasionally. It is possible to do 3 to 6 peels every 3-4 weeks to maximize the benefits. Glow peel is designed for all skin types.

What does a facial treatment consist of?

The facial treatment consists of rebalancing your skin. Skin is constantly changing with the seasons, hormonal changes and during times of stress. It is therefore important to take care of it.

A good deep cleansing contains the following steps: facial cleansing, a double or triple phase of exfoliation, extraction, a massage of the face, neck and décolleté as well as a hand massage. A mask will be applied for 15-20 minutes. Finally, end-of-care products will be applied before sun protection. Following the facial treatment, the skin is rested, hydrated and luminous.

How long does a facial take?

Facials last either 60 minutes, 75 minutes or 90 minutes, depending on the treatment chosen and the products used.

How many times should I have a facial in a year?

It is recommended to do a facial at each change of season, or four times a year. It is possible to do a facial treatment if you need to improve specific imperfections. Treatments can be determined during a comprehensive assessment or virtual aesthetic consultation.

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    • Fêtons la Saint-Jean-Batiste ⚜️ et la Fête du Canada 🍁

      Du 21 juin au 2 juillet, pour souligner ces deux fêtes, je te propose une promotion sur un soin visage!

      Je t’offre un rabais de 20$ sur ton soin du visage Maria Galland:

      HydraGlobal ou LuminEclat (le choix du soin se fera lors de ton rendez-vous selon les besoins de ta peau)

      Tu dois prendre ton rendez-vous, pour effectuer le soin avant le 31 août. Sache que ce n’est ni échangeable, ni remboursable.

      Prendre aussi en note que je serai en vacances du 5 au 16 août, donc ce ne sera pas valide durant cette période.

      Je le répète souvent, mais je conseille de faire un soin du visage aux changements de saisons, pour voir l’état de ta peau, son évolution et ses modifications.

      Si ton facial d’été n’est pas encore fait, c’est la parfaite occasion pour le faire !

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