Facial Promotion

Let’s celebrate Saint-Jean-Batiste ⚜️ and Canada Day 🍁

From June 21 to July 2, to mark these two holidays, I'm offering you a promotion on a facial treatment!

I'm offering you a $20 discount on your Maria Galland facial treatment:

HydraGlobal or LuminEclat (the choice of treatment will be made during your appointment according to the needs of your skin)

You must make your appointment to have the treatment done before August 31. Please note that this is neither exchangeable nor refundable.

Also note that I will be on vacation from August 5 to 16, so it will not be valid during this period.

I repeat it often, but I recommend doing a facial treatment when the seasons change, to see the condition of your skin, its evolution and its modifications.

If your summer facial isn't done yet, this is the perfect opportunity to do it!